woensdag 8 september 2010

Thinks to know :D

Im 19 years old and from the netherlands, Living in the place hengelo.Im going to a school called SMEOT which is a school for students who want to learn everything about hydraulic or mechanics pretty awesome, But will tell you guys a bit more about it later when i learned how to blog hehehe :P
So i woke up last day and tought about making a blog myself.To be honest i had no idea where to start with it.So i googled for "making blogs" ....Mmm i can blog on google :FUN:. Once i made the blog i started to look for other people there blogs.Watched and learned a few things about making a blog and how to get support.Im really impressed, Allready like it to post things on other blogs and support them! Hope i will get the same support some day.Some love please <3 !

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